Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is an approved VA Post-9/11 GI Bill Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) training facility provider for both the law enforcement and corrections recruit academies and field training programs. Applicants who are hired for the sponsored law enforcement or corrections recruit academies and/or field training programs are able to apply for the disbursement of monies from their VA Post-9/11 GI Bill for MHA.

Since we pay for all associated tuition, supplies, and uniform fees, and provide a salary with the sponsored law enforcement or corrections recruit academies, veterans are not eligible to use their GI Bill for training, books, or supplies; however, the MHA is a VA benefit that veterans may be eligible to use for up to twelve months or until the conclusion of the field training program.

Veterans may be eligible to receive 100% of applicable MHA during the first six months of training and 80% of applicable MHA up to the second six months of training. 

Approved Programs

Once a veteran applicant is hired in the capacity of one of the following positions, he/she should contact Human Resources at or 727-582-6208 for details on the enrollment in this program.

  • Deputy-Law Enforcement — Field Training Program (up to 14 weeks of MHA)
  • Deputy-Detention and Corrections — Field Training Program (up to 10 weeks of MHA)
  • Deputy Recruit-Law Enforcement — Academy and Field Training Program
  • Deputy Recruit-Detention and Corrections Academy and Field Training Program 

To learn more information about this program, visit the VA site. To find a VA location, visit VA office.

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