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Justice Assistance Grant – Public Notification

DATE: August 4, 2017
TO: The Citizens of Pinellas County
FROM: Sheriff Bob Gualtieri
SUBJECT: Justice Assistance Grant - Public Notification

I am taking this opportunity to inform you that the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office (PCSO), as the implementing agency for Pinellas County, and the St. Petersburg Police Department (SPPD), as the implementing agency for St. Petersburg, are proposing to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding delineating the amount of U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funds each will receive.

The information that follows provides details on the JAG, as well as the County's and the City's proposed use of JAG funds.                                                                       


The County of Pinellas, Florida, (County) and the City of St. Petersburg (City), Florida, are units of local government appearing on the FY2017 Units of Local Government List as eligible to apply for Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funds.

It has been determined that the County and City have a disparate allocation of JAG funds in that the City is scheduled to receive at least one-and-one-half times more than the County, while the County bears more than 50% of the costs of incarceration that arise for Part 1 violent crimes reported by the geographically constituent units.

As a result of this disparate certification, the County and the City have agreed to submit a joint application for the aggregate of JAG funds ($223,541.00).

The County and the City will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will be submitted, as specified in the JAG Local Solicitation, to the Office of Justice Programs during the grant submission process.

The County and the City have agreed to allocate $111,770.50 to the County and $111,770.50 to the City. The County, through PCSO, will serve as the applicant and fiscal agent and will ensure the application will be made public through the agency's public website. The City will provide the County with information to assist with the development of any fiscal and/or programmatic reports that will be required of the JAG program.

Use of funds:

The County, through PCSO, will utilize its FY2017 JAG funding individual allocation to sustain the Pinellas County Police Athletic League's (PAL) After-School Program. The goal of the PAL After-School Program is to reduce and prevent delinquent behavior and victimization, as well as juvenile crime and victimization, by supporting evidence-based practices that include after-school sports, recreational and academic activities, leadership skills, and mentoring by law enforcement deputies. At least 250 disadvantaged youth will have after-school and vacation programming at no cost to their families. Academic and recreational components will be designed to guide learning and engage youth in wholesome activities in a safe, drug-free, and supervised environment.

The City will utilize its individual allocation to sustain and continue several of the SPPD crime prevention and law enforcement initiatives. JAG funding will be used to enable the provision of overtime for police officers to concentrate on specific issues at designated geographic and temporal points within the City more effectively. Funds will be used to sustain and supplement prevention programs such as the Community Resource Centers, select and targeted social media initiatives, the use of rental vehicles for special investigations, and volunteer programs supported by the department. Additionally, SPPD will utilize the funds to continue an enhanced recruitment effort.

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