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Inmate Mail:

You may communicate with an inmate at any time via the U.S. Mail or private delivery service. We receive deliveries Monday through Friday from the U.S. Postal Service. All incoming mail is opened and searched for contraband. All magazines, newspapers, and books must come directly from the publisher. Legal mail shall be opened in the presence of the inmate to confirm that it is legal mail. Self addressed, stamped envelopes, or stamps are not allowed in the jail. All mail should be addressed as follows or it will be returned to the post office:

Full name, identification (docket) number, housing assignment
Pinellas County Jail
14400 49th Street North
Clearwater, Florida 33762-2877

Please Note: Inmates are allowed to possess only ten 4 x 6 photographs in their housing area.  All incoming letters containing more than ten photos, oversized, or containing items other than paper products will be returned to the sender with entire contents. 


NEW! Inmate Messaging:

You can now communicate with inmates through electronic messaging. Inmates who are not serving disciplinary sanctions are eligible to receive and reply to messages. All messages are screened by Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Inmates access their messages through kiosks located in their housing areas. Incoming messages have a 3,000-character limit, and outgoing messages are limited to 1,000 characters. Each message sent or received costs $.50, and messages are sold in $10 blocks. Message credits are funded through the SmartDeposit Website here:


Inmate Money:

The Pinellas County Jail accepts money orders for inmates. The money order must contain the inmates full name, docket number, and housing assignment. Money orders are accepted 7 days a week at the visitation center.

You can securely send money to, or order commissary for, an inmate through Money deposits can be made by phone at: 1-866-394-0490 (toll-free), or at a lobby kiosk for a small convenience fee. Visa, MasterCard, and cash (Kiosk only) are accepted. Kiosks are located in the main lobby of the Jail (24/7) and at the video visitation center during visitation hours only.


Inmate Phone Usage:

Inmates cannot receive phone calls, however they are allowed to make collect calls.


Attention Inmate Subsistence Fee

  1. In accordance with FSS 951.033, it is the policy of the Department of Detention and Corrections to have inmates defray the cost of their incarceration to help alleviate the increasing financial burden of housing inmates.
  2. All non-federal inmates booked into the Pinellas County Jail will be charged $20.00 to cover administrative costs with the following exceptions:
    a. Detainees in an “in-transit” status for another agency or jurisdiction.
    b. Department of Corrections inmates brought back to Pinellas County by the State Attorney or Public Defender on writs of testificandum or inmates returning on writs of prosequemdum (pro se inmates) only.
    c. Walk-through, Paperwork Only and Marchman Acts.


Inmate Programs

The Jail provides a number of substance abuse prevention, anger management, GED, criminogenic centered programming, discharge planning assistance, and other self-improvement opportunities through the Program Services Section and various community providers.  More than 400 program groups and classes are scheduled monthly.  The Chaplain Services Program provides pastoral care and religious services to inmates at the Pinellas County Jail.  Spiritual counsel, moral support and practical guidance are available to those with personal or family problems.  With the approval of the Sheriff’s Office Chaplain, over ninety worship services and Bible studies are provided by volunteers each week to jail inmates.

 Inmate Handbook: English or Spanish



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