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PINELLAS COUNTY- The Sheriff’s Citizens Association (CA) is looking to award small, local organizations up to $1,000 to assist in their efforts of serving the youth throughout Pinellas County.

To be eligible, interested organizations must involve youth empowerment programs, youth-initiated projects and/or programs that provide support to children and their families. Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2023.

Last year, CA awarded over $13,000 to local organizations. With the awarded funds, recipients were able to support a unique effort to provide books for kids to read during their visit to the barbershop, fund meals for local foster homes, and expand programs of academic and life development.

CA is a continuing public education and networking program that was created to improve the lines of communication between the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the community we serve. CA members are given the opportunity to learn about local initiatives, as well as give back to the community through the agency’s charitable causes, including the grant program and scholarships. 

To download a grant application visit:

For more information about CA or the grant program contact the Communications & Public Education Section at 727-582-6612 or email

Posted by Verliz Williams Thursday, February 9, 2023 12:58:00 PM Categories: General News

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