Narcotics Investigation

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Investigative Operations Bureau
-Narcotics Division

Blerim Ljena (Suspect- Arrested)
DOB: 09/06/1972
Address: 1135 North Missouri Avenue, Largo
Charges: Nine (9) counts Possession of a Controlled Substance, Five (5) counts Trafficking Amphetamine, One (1) count Unlawful Use of Two-way Communications Device, One (1) count Operating a Drug House, One (1) count Trafficking Butanediol (GHB), One (1) count Sale or Delivery of Controlled Substance

PINELLAS COUNTY- Detectives assigned to the Narcotics Division arrested 49-year-old Blerim Ljena after serving a search warrant at Brickhouse Pizza, located at 1135 North Missouri Avenue in Largo.

On April 14, 2022, Narcotics Detectives initiated an investigation into Ljena at Brickhouse Pizza after receiving a tip that a large amount of narcotics was being sold out of the business. Detectives also discovered that Ljena was the owner of the Brickhouse Pizza.

Through various investigative techniques, detectives established probable cause for a search warrant of the business.

Detectives located the following items inside:

  • Two (2) doses (1.4 grams) of Hydrocodone
  • Twenty-five (25) doses of Alprazolam
  • Twenty and a half (20.5) doses (2.1 grams) of Morphine
  • Twelve (12) doses of Lorazepam
  • Twenty-seven (27) doses (2.3 grams) of Dilaudid
  • Fifty-two (52) doses (6.1 grams) of Oxycodone
  • Fourteen (14) doses (1 gram) of Hydromorphone
  • Three hundred and sixty-four (364) grams of Methamphetamine (12.5 ounces)
  • Seven (7) grams of Powder Cocaine
  • Four thousand and fifty-three (4,053) grams of 1,4 Butanediol (GHB)
  • Thirty-seven grams of Marijuana

During the search, detectives also located clothing items throughout the business and a pull-out couch that appeared to be used for sleeping.

Ljena was transported to the Pinellas County Jail without incident.

The investigation continues.




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