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PINELLAS COUNTY– Sheriff Bob Gualtieri hosted the 2021 Annual Agency Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. This year’s ceremony recognized over 175 individuals for their outstanding efforts throughout last year, as well as the:

Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year – Deputy Anthony Passafume

Detention Deputy of the Year – Lieutenant Chrissy Betsinger, Deputy Gregory Pugh, Deputy Eli Karr, Deputy Cain Martin

Forensic Science Specialist of the Year – Karen Greul

Support Person of the Year – Nicole Prohaska

Child Protection Investigator of the Year – Laura Miller

Reserve Deputy of the Year – Deputy Glenn Ward

The Jackie Clement Award – Awarded for an outstanding performance by a support staff member in the Child Protection Investigation Unit. – Regina Smith

Agency members also received awards in the following categories:

Combat Cross Award - Awarded for an act of exceptional heroism while engaged in combat with an adversary armed with a deadly weapon.

Exceptional Service Award - Awarded for an act of heroism during imminent danger to a member and with knowledge of the risk of grave personal danger.

Meritorious Service Award - Awarded for an act of outstanding bravery while attempting to save a life.

Excellent Service – Awarded for an intelligent, self-initiated act materially contributing to a valuable law enforcement accomplishment.

Gold Star Award – Awarded for an exemplary act or outstanding performance materially contributing to the good reputation of the Sheriff’s Office, or when a member is attempting to save a life in a non-threatening situation.

Certificate of Professionalism – Awarded for dedication and professionalism exhibited in the performance of duty.

Unit Achievement Award – Awarded for excellence in a group effort during an investigation, arrest, or other group achievement which brings recognition to the Sheriff’s Office.

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