Promotion Ceremony

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri hosted a promotion ceremony Friday, February 6, 2015 recognizing 20 Sheriff’s Office members.

The promotion ceremony was held at the Sheriff’s Administration Building located at 10750 Ulmerton Road in Largo.

As part of the promotion ceremony, family members and friends pinned new badges on their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, who have just been promoted.

The following certified members have been promoted:


Promoted to Sergeant:

Jose Camacho

Ken Euler, Jr.

Michael Ferdon

Michael Gibson

Joseph Shwallon

Steve Tacia


Promoted to Lieutenant:

Stacey Barrentine

Paul Carey

Nicholas Lazaris


Promoted to Captain:

Ryan Buckley

Stefanie Campbell

Dwayne Somers


Promoted to Major:

David Danzig

Richard Nalven


Promoted to Assistant Chief Deputy:

Mark Dunnagan

Sean Jowell



Civilian Promotions:

Anthony Anderson – Forensic Science Supervisor

Sarah Anthony – Child Protection Investigations Supervisor

James Myer – Assistant Communication Center Supervisor

Greg Mason – Forensic Science Manager


Photo From Left to Right:

Back Row: Asst. Chief Sean Jowell, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Asst. Chief Mark Dunnagan, Supv. Anthony Anderson, Captain Dwayne Somers, Major Richard Nalven, Lt. Paul Carey, Lt. Nicholas Lazaris, Captain Ryan Buckley, Sgt. Ken Euler, Jr., Lt. Stacey Barrentine

Front Row: Asst. Supv. James Myer, Supv. Sarah Anthony, Major David Danzig, Sgt. Jose Camacho, Sgt. Joseph Shwallon, Captain Stefanie Campbell, Sgt. Michael Ferdon, Sgt. Michael Gibson, Sgt. Steve Tacia, Manager Greg Mason

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