Inmate with Medical Staff NurseInmate Health Care:
The Medical Section provides health care services for all inmates. Inmate Health Care is staffed by professionally trained, licensed and certified medical personnel and adheres to the “Standards for Health Services in Jails”, set by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC).

Contact: 727-464-8086

Paid for by Penny for Pinellas, the facility opened in 2007 providing 432 beds and consolidating all inmate medical care under one roof at the Pinellas County Jail. 

Medical care services for male and female inmates are concentrated on four floors of varying housing configurations encompassing 165,200 square feet.

The medical services include: an X-ray room, dialysis, three chairs for dental service, a 12 person waiting room, 20 negative pressure isolation cells, a mental health clinic, a trauma clinic, and dedicated space for staff and administration. The detention features include video visitation in each housing area, attorney visitation booths, a courtroom for appearances by video, and other inmate monitoring and staff security enhancements.

Important! Florida State Statute 951.032(1)(a) authorizes county detention facilities to seek reimbursement from prisoners for expenses incurred for medical care, treatment, hospitalization and transportation.

No inmate shall be denied necessary medical care and treatment for his/her serious health need(s) due to the inability to pay for services rendered.

Co-Payment Schedule

  1. A $10.00 co-payment shall be charged against the inmate’s account for each non-exempt visit for medical care initiated by the inmate.
  2. Non-exempt visits include medical, psychiatric and dental services requested by the inmate that result in a Sick Call visit.
  3. Exempt visits shall not be charged against the inmate’s account and includes services such as:
    a. Medical staff initiated requests for medical, mental health and dental treatment / evaluation, including follow-up visits initiated by the qualified healthcare provider.
    b. Detention staff initiated requests due to urgent or emergent appearing conditions, as substantiated by the nurse.
    c. Treatment of injuries (emergent / non-emergent) which occur as a result of an assault, use of force, accident or inmate fight.
    d. Receiving medical screenings, health appraisals (14-day / annual H & P) or chronic clinic visits required by accreditation standards.
    e. Inpatient or outpatient (ER) hospital visits and on or off site specialty consultations (i.e. dialysis, PAR, physical therapy, prenatal care, etc.).
    f. Laboratory, x-ray and other diagnostic testing, wound care, vital sign monitoring and segregation or well-being checks.
    g. Medication services.
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