Deputy Michael J. Magli, End of Watch February 17, 2021

Deputy Michael Hartwick

Deputy Hartwick spent most of his adult life serving his community, first as a detention deputy in the Pinellas County Jail, then as a patrol deputy. He was the constant presence on the road, the sharp uniform and shining badge that told the world that there was always a protector in their midst. Our patrol deputies are the community’s first line of defense, the first on scene when something goes wrong. Deputy Hartwick wore his star with pride, and the people who worked with him respected his dedication and commitment to serving the public. His death is a senseless tragedy, but his life will be remembered forever in every law enforcement officer who patrols our streets. He was the emblem of all that is good and noble in a deputy sheriff, and he will not be forgotten.

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If you would like to leave a note in remembrance of Deputy Hartwick, please submit it below. All condolences will be compiled and given to the Hartwick family.

October 17, 2022


I have sat here and read all the great things everyone has said about the person you were. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being a great friend, a great squad partner and just a great human being. I remember all the times we had meeting up to talk about life, the job or random subjects. You will truly be missed. We lost a good one. R.I.P. brother, ill truly miss you, and don't worry, I'll still be down here doing my Trooping like Troopers do.  

October 16, 2022
Russell Hogg
I want to say I feel for your loss .sorry for the loss.
October 9, 2022

Deputy Hartwick,

You were one of the first deputies I met on the road. Being with Deputy Christie for Phase 1 of FTO, we backed you up and you backed us up. You helped build my confidence right away with your positive feedback. I will never forget your smile and your "belly laugh", as those were generally present with you. I only wish we had more time to get to know each other. I feel honored to have met you and worked alongside you. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. 

Rest in Paradise, Deputy Michael Hartwick

October 6, 2022

I'm writing to you today to express my great sorrow for the loss of Deputy Hartwick. The death of an officer is always a great tragedy. Deputy Hartwick, his family, his community, and his fellow deputies and officers will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Loved ones may leave this world, but they never leave our hearts.

In memory of Officer Kennis Croom, EOW 6/9/2022

Meridian Police Department

Meridian, MS

October 4, 2022
Deputy Darius Hill

RIP Mike, we worked many years together in Squad 2 and 3 nightshift back in the day. You will be missed. May God give comfort to your family.  

October 4, 2022
Anne McDonough

Deputy Hartwick, thank you for your long service to Pinellas County. You are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. My heart goes out to your family during this difficult time.

October 4, 2022
Melissa Morgenthaler

Thank you for all you did for our community. You will be missed and never forgotten. It was a pleasure to talk to you the few times I got to. RIH Dep Hartwick.

October 3, 2022
Det. Mike Bingnear #328 (RET) Pinellas Park PD


Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice, may you REST IN PIECE Brother.  Thoughts and Prayers to your family and fellow agency members. 

GODSPEED my friend!

October 3, 2022
Sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family - this would not have happened if borders were closed - this nightmare must end - Rest in peace 🙏
October 3, 2022
Susan Kristoff-Elam

Thank you Deputy Hartwick for protecting the citizens of Pinellas County.  May God comfort your family, friends and brothers and sisters of Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. It was a pleasure talking with you on the phone to do your reports.  You will be missed greatly, RIP.

Susan Kristoff-Elam (ARMS)

October 3, 2022
Chelsea A.

Thank you, Deputy Hartwick, for serving our community and keeping everyone safe. Many people are not able to do the tough job you did. Praying for your family and friends to get through such a senseless loss. May you rest in peace.

October 3, 2022
Jeffrey Rawson

On behalf of my family and me, please accept our most sincere and heartfelt condolences upon the loss of your loved one, Michael.  He was a dedicated Deputy Sheriff who valiantly laid down his life so that others may be safe.  Deputy Hartwick is nothing short of a HERO, in every way.  I pray that your family finds peace in such a difficult time.  So many people mourn with you, and your loss simply cannot be overstated.  May God bless and comfort the Hartwick family.

October 3, 2022
Susan Eschrich
Sir: Thank you for your service!!
October 3, 2022
I didn't know u personally, but sounds like u were a great man & served Tampa very well. Hope u know u were very well respected & will b missed immensely. It's such a shame u had 2 go 2 heaven 2 soon n a senseless tragedy. It's also a shame that 2 men tried 2 get away w/the crime of hitting u & trying 2 run away or hide from the crime. Hope u r w/family & friends n heaven n a safer place! 🙏
October 3, 2022

Mike we never know when our time has come only God knows. Like some many other senseless deaths of our law enforcement officers it is sometimes easy to question our faith. You were taken way to soon.  To Mike’s family my condolences goes out to you all and know that heaven has received a true warrior. Until we meet again my friend save me a spot on that thin blue in heaven and I will be honored to walk beside you when my time comes. RIP 

October 3, 2022

Thank you for your service to our community, Deputy Hartwick.  May God bless and keep you in peace.


October 3, 2022
Teri Goodenough- retired member
I worked with Michael at PCJ.....Michael I will always remember our times we worked together, our talks, your sarcasm and laugh. Your loss was senseless, you were taken way to soon from this earth. My heart goes out to the family and your brothers and sisters at the Sheriff's Office. 💔
October 3, 2022
Kevin Secrest

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Deputy Hartwick for his life of service. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Pinellas County was truly blessed by his servant's heart. 

October 3, 2022
Dan Thomas

RIP Sir, you will be missed by your Department and friends, but never forgotten. 

October 3, 2022

Mike, We go back to meeting in church as door greeters in 2001. Friends since then. I am going to miss that laugh and constant smile. I will see you again in heaven. A senseless loss and I pray that the boys will find peace in this. Love and miss you my dear friend. 


October 3, 2022
Dan Tomas

RIP Sir, you will be missed by your Department and friends, but not forgotten. 

October 2, 2022
Susan Henne

My deepest condolences and thoughts are with your family at this incredibly difficult time.  My son is a PCSO Deputy who met Deputy Hardwick during his training and thought very highly of him. Your loss is one that all of the LEO family feels deeply.

October 2, 2022

Mike was loved by our family….his great sense of humor and friendship will be missed!  Our prayers are extended to his family For this  horrible tragedy.  God received Mike with open arms!  And the angels are rejoicing!  Now close the borders…..please by grace of God,  Rest In Peace Mike……you were loved by oh so many…..and thanks for your service and our friendship!




October 2, 2022
Bubba the Love Sponge®️

Rip Dep Michael Hartwick, my foundation The BTLS foundation will be making a significant donation to your family. Thank you for your service sir.  God bless your family 

October 2, 2022
Detective Caitlin LaVigne
Sláinte, Deputy Hartwick. To his family, friends, and brothers/sisters in blue, I'm sorry. I have found there are no words of comfort in these situations, but I have learned that grief is love left behind. It hurts but its because you love him so much. Respectfully, C. LaVigne, Hillsborough County May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sunshine warm upon your face. May the rains fall upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand
October 2, 2022

My wife and I send our deepest sympathy. Both of our sons are LEO. We can only imagine your pain. My eyes are filled with tears and respect. May god bless a hero and console a loving family. RIP Deputy. 

October 1, 2022
Lakeish Waters
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Job well done continue to R.I.P. My condolences to the Family.
October 1, 2022

Deepest and most sincere condolences to the Hartwick family for your tragic loss. Praying that the Lord blesses you all with comfort and strength. 

October 1, 2022
Perry hall
Please remember heroes remembered never die
October 1, 2022
Gwendolyn Elliott

The Hartwick Family May God give you strength and comfort during the loss of your father…..The Elliott Family 

September 30, 2022
Sally Creaser

It is with such deep sorrow, that I send my heartfelt feelings to your family. I know Michael was on night patrol with my son Jerry years ago for nine years. They thought very highly of each other and he will be truly missed. The loss of Michael it’s very close to home with all the family members of the forces every day is a worry and a concern, and I speak that as a mother. May God bless your family and we all know his soul has been blessed but never forgotten.   With respect and honor for how he had kept us safe.     Sincerely,                                                                         Sally Creaser and the Creaser Family 

September 30, 2022
Retired Deputies Bob & Trish Lyttle

Even though we never met you, you are in our blue family. We have heard wonderful things about you, but the greatest thing is knowing you knew Jesus. We’ll see you in Heaven one day. And that will be incredible. Thank you for your service to all of us in Pinellas County. God bless your family.
Respectfully, Bob & Trish Lyttle



September 30, 2022
Nurse Creedon

I never had the pleasure of meeting Deputy Hartwick, but, none the less, I pray for his family during this difficult time. 

I pray for peace, comfort and strength for his family, his PCSO family and his friends. May he rest in peace in the arms of Jesus. 

September 30, 2022

You were my first Corporal after I was hired at PCSO. We spent many nights working together in the city of Dunedin, where you took me under your wing and showed me the way. I always knew I could reach out to you for any reason when I had questions, and there was never a day you were not smiling. There is no doubt in my mind you are riding your bike down the streets of gold watching over us. I will always remember you. 

September 30, 2022
Michelle Battaglia

I am so saddened by your sudden passing. You always made us laugh when you came to visit us in uniform supply. It hurts my heart that you were taken from us like this. May you Rest in Peace and I pray that your family finds comfort in knowing that you are now with the Lord. We will see each other again my friend. God Speed.

September 29, 2022
Preston Di Virgilis
Mike, I remember the l first day you and I started the jail together in Pasco 23 years ago. I'm going to miss you so much. Thank you for the many years of friendship you and I had together. You were a great friend and I will always miss you. Rest easy buddy we will take it from here.
September 29, 2022

I only met you once, but, you were so polite and kind, with a smile that lit up the room! You are an honor to the profession--one who clearly touched so many lives and hearts....Rest in peace, sir. Your brothers and sisters in arms will take it from here. 

September 29, 2022
Daniel Levine

Thank you for your service, Sir. Godspeed and God Bless You!

September 27, 2022
Keri Colosimo

Your laugh and smile were so infectious. You would come up to me, nudge me in the ribs, make some hilarious comment and bust out laughing. In turn, I would start my loud laughing and we would be in stitches. You always had a smile and a kind word. Never forgot your DDC family. Your loss has a ripple effect across this agency. We got it from here, Sir. Thank you for always being you. 

September 27, 2022
Did not know you sir. But heard from my deputy friends you were a class act. We will miss you. RIP.
September 27, 2022
Ret. Deputies Dale and Gina Engerer

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hartwick family/friends and co workers. May God comfort you in your loss. RIP Deputy Hartwick.

September 26, 2022
Mitch Reed
Mike, I first met you when i came back to patrol from the detective bureau. You wondered who the new guy in the squad was always wearing the campaign hat when I got out of the cruiser. You laughed at me, but when you saw my work ethic and how I spoke to people on calls, you realized I meant business. After becoming friends and attending church together, we became brothers. Your love for our Lord and Saviour has made the difference in my dealing with your loss. The Lord Jesus Christ prepared a place for you and you beat me to the finish line brother. With God's promise to see you again, it has helped me deal with this painful loss. You were a great friend, brother, deputy sheriff, Mason and military veteran. I say thank you for all the motorcycle rides that we took together, all the great conversations and for always making me laugh! I love you and miss you my brother! One day I will see you in eternity and look forward to that day to sit with you at our Lord's side. Much love my friend and thanks again for accepting me as your friend!
September 26, 2022

Deputy Hartwick was one of the first deputies at NDS to make me feel welcomed as a newbie to the agency.  He was working LD and he was always smiling and making us laugh. One night I had called him when I knew he was in the window as I had lost my credit card and thought I had accidentally thrown it away in my lunch bag and asked him if he would mind searching the garbage.  Without any reluctance he said yes. He went through that disgusting garbage only for me to find my card at the bottom of my bag and when I called him back to tell him, we just laughed about it.  He was one of the good ones.  I will miss his presence and his smile.

September 26, 2022
Deryl Ann Ford
I am heartbroken for the loss of this Deputy. I pray for your family and friends, and the entire department. The country thanks you for your brave service and you won't be forgotten. God bless you.
September 26, 2022
Carolyn Motsch

Thank you for your Service.  We will miss your smile and friendly character when you visited Uniform Supply.  You will be missed.  God Bless your family!

September 26, 2022

I'm grateful for the years we worked at the DDC together, the time spent together while our kids trained in Tae Kwon Do.  I remember when you decided to cross over to Patrol; it was what you were driven to do & you loved it!  You quietly and professionally gave this community a 19 year gift that can never be repaid...Thank you!

Hoping your family finds comfort knowing that you deeply loved them and this community.

Rest in peace my friend. You will NEVER be forgotten. 

September 26, 2022
Deputy J. Hardwick #58920

Thank you for your dedicated service to Pinellas County and the impact on the lives you have touched. My heart goes out to your family during this time. 

-Deputy J. Hardwick #58920

September 26, 2022
Deputy Rushakoff

Deputy Hartwick was one of the nicest and most professional deputies I've had the pleasure of working with. Riding with Deputy Hartwick, when the police academy shut down for COVID, taught me a lot and working with him during FTO and on CMT were some of the best times. I'm going to miss you brother. Heaven received a great one.

September 25, 2022
ATO Seth Travis

Thank you for for being a great friend and always providing positive advice about my law enforcement career, the laughs, and good times. I'll miss seeing you out there and will honor your memory through work ethic and keeping a positive attitude. Heaven gained a good man. 'Be easy, I'll catch ya on the next one!'


September 25, 2022
Dep. Brian Sudbrink


Known you fir quite some time... been working with you for many years. It was a pleasure to know you and you will be missed!

September 25, 2022
Officer I. Redzepi

Who you are is God's gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God.

Thank you for your service. Your family is in my prayers. I hope your journey to the next is a peaceful one. 

Rest in Peace

September 25, 2022

I'm sorry for your loss. God bless your family and the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office. He served Pinellas county for 19 years and did good in the 19 years so god bless. He is watching you and your family in heaven and watching his brother and sisters. He passed away to early and  will  be never Forgotten. 

September 25, 2022
Sheriff Brett Carpenter

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  RIP Deputy, we will take it form here.

Barbour County Sheriffs Department 


September 25, 2022
Samantha McCann

Deputy Hartwick has been a call away in time of need for the past almost 7 years of my career here. Your infectious smile, big personality, and amazing service will forever be missed. Praying for your boys, your family, and all those that love you! Thanks for showing up and being a hero every single day!

September 25, 2022
Cheynne & Zophia

My daughter Zophia and I are sending all prayers your way. Our hearts goes out to you. 

September 24, 2022
David Cliborne USA (Ret.) American Legion 16th Dis

On behalf of all Legionnaires in the American Legion in the 16th District of Pinellas County, please accept our deepest sympathy in the Line-of-Duty death of Deputy Michael Hartwick. May God be with his family in their hour of need and sorrow.    

September 24, 2022
jan johnson

so VERY  sorry that your family is grieving for this Deputy.     All Americans know this should not have happened.     again: so VERY sorry for your loss

September 24, 2022
ATO Stimans

Working arrestee transport I've had the privilege of working alongside the exemplary deputies of this fine agency. Deputy Hartwick was no exception, but rather an example. May he rest in peace knowing his service was appreciated and that the dedication he showed to this community will inspire more to strive to reach his level. 

September 24, 2022
Deputy Young

Rest in peace Deputy Hartwick.  You will be missed and remembered.

September 24, 2022

My heart is broken for the Hartwick family and everyone at the PCSO.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

September 24, 2022
Josh Beatty

As a new deputy on the road, I thank you for all the advice you gave me when I had the pleasure of being squad your mate for a few months. You always knew how to make someone laugh and gave me words of encouragement when I was down on myself. May God be with your family at this time. Rest easy brother. 

September 24, 2022
Nurse DeSanto

Deputy Hartwick, we go back to 2003 working in the jail together, was such a pleasure.  Did not  get to see you too much after you went to the road, just a quick hello near CBT from time to time.  A couple weeks ago I was able to give you a big hug, for that I am blessed. Rest in peace my friend, you will always be appreciated and missed.

September 24, 2022
Zach Guenther

May God bless and watch over the Hartwick family during this difficult time. Thank you Deputy Hartwick for your service and dedication to our community. May you never be forgotten. Rest In Peace brother

September 24, 2022





September 24, 2022
Sergeant Ben Adler

Mike, I worked 2nd Central with you for years and you were always a great guy and an awesome person to work with.  I always enjoyed seeing you out at the Safety Harbor events. You will be greatly missed my friend. 

September 24, 2022

Deputy Hartwick: THANK YOU for looking out for the rest of us. May the LORD embrace you and give comfort to those who love you. DEPUTY HARTWICK was our PROTECTOR.

September 24, 2022
Ashley Griffin

Thank you for your part in keeping Pinellas County safe and may you rest in peace in the bosom of our Heavenly Father. I pray that your family finds solace during this time. I haven't yet reached a year with the agency and, while I've personally never met you, I feel like you are family. God bless you Deputy Hartwick and just know you will truly be missed.

September 23, 2022
Brett - 34 yr Retired LEO

RIP Brother. Prayers to family, friends, and colleagues. Thank you for your service, Deputy Michael Hartwick. 

September 23, 2022
Ginger Brengle

Deputy Hartwick- we thank you for your dedication to keeping our roads safe for our loved ones. You will not be forgotten. Rest easy. 

September 23, 2022
Deputy McNeal

My Prayers and Condolences to the entire Hartwick family both Blood and Blue. During this time of Bereavement, I pray that God continues to give you strength to carry on. 

September 23, 2022

God Bless our Brother in Blue and prayers for his family. Thank you for your service Deputy Michael Hartwick. Forever in our Hearts. 

September 23, 2022
Master Police Officer Jeffrey A. Blose

""I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom." Abraham Lincoln

September 23, 2022

Michael, you were simply fun to be around and there was never a dull moment with you. Whether it's talking about food, retirement, or just simple life advise, you were always an open ear and I will never forget that. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. God Bless. 

September 23, 2022

Thank You so much for dedicating your life to service. You have risen in the community and been praised as a man who protected the community. Thank You Deputy Hartwick for sacrificing your life to the service of the county. May you rest in peace.

September 23, 2022
Bruno Sequeira

God Speed Deputy Hartwick, May you rest Peace....

September 23, 2022
Deputy Chris Thompson



Thank you for treating me as a younger brother. I cherish and appreciate every instruction, sound advice, and word of encouragement you've shared with me. Truly a mentor you have been!!! Love ya brother!!!

September 23, 2022

May God comfort your family, friends and colleagues during this unimaginable time. My heart goes out to you. Deputy Hartwick will always be remembered for his commitment to our community. God Bless Deputy Michael Hartwick. 

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