This form is for Pinellas County, Florida ONLY please.
This form is designed for the public to provide information to PCSO regarding ongoing drug/vice activity in the county. This site is not monitored 24 hours a day. If the situation you wish to report is occurring NOW, please call the non-emergency number, 727-582-6200, to make a report.

Although this form is lengthy, the information is important.  If you were reporting the information to a deputy in person, you would likely be asked similar questions.  Please provide as much information as possible so that we may address the issue without delay.

This form is for drug activity and vice crimes (moral deviant crimes, such as prostitution, gambling, pornography, underage tobacco/alcohol sales, etc.).

If you have information about the drug dealer, please provide it below:
Dealer's Name:
Dealer's Nickname: Dealer's Age:
Dealer's Race:
Dealer's Sex:
Dealer's Phone: Dealer' Cell:
Dealer's Address: City:
State: Zip:
Please describe the dealer's appearance.  Include scars, marks, tattoos, clothing style, jewelry, hair style and any distinguishing characteristics:
Please Describe the Dealer's vehicle:
Vehicle Manufacturer: (Chevy, Cadillac, Ford, etc.)
Vehicle Model: (Camaro, DeVille, Focus, etc.)
Vehicle Color:
License Plate No:
License Plate State:
Describe unique identifiers of the vehicle such as damage, distinct paint colors, unique parts.  Also, list any additional vehicles observed at the location. Please give tag number, color and make of vehicle(s).
Please tell us about any of the Dealers friends/associates:
Associate information:  Names, Nicknames, Ages, Race, Sex - Please include information on roommates and/or family members living in the household and their level of involvement:
Where does the drug activity occur?
Property/Business Name:
Street Address or Intersection:
Apartment/Trailer/Unit Number:
Please tell us about the security at this location:

If you don't know the answer, leave it blank. (Do not guess or assume.)

Have you seen guns at this location?
Are there dogs at this location?
Are the door reinforced or gated?
Are the windows reinforced or gated?
Are there any hidden cameras?
Are there any motion/automatic lights?
Please tell us about the activity: (Once again, please do not guess or assume)
Type of Drugs :
To select more than one, hold the CTRL key while clicking with the mouse.
Vice Crimes (moral deviant crimes):
To select more than one, hold the CTRL key while clicking with the mouse
When is the activity present?: (Do NOT exaggerate)
When is the location most active? (Do NOT exaggerate)
Please tell us about the activity and be as detailed as possible. You cannot give us too much information!
Please tell us about yourself (This section is OPTIONAL):
May we call you for more info?
Do you wish to remain anonymous?
Your Name:
Your Street Address (No P.O. Boxes):
Apartment #:
City, State & Zip:
Contact Phone:
Second Contact Phone:
Your E-mail address:
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Source of Information:
Additional Information/Comments: