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13-254 Two Detention Deputies Charged Criminally For Official Misconduct; One Of Them Also Charged With Battery

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Investigative Operations Bureau
-Robbery/Homicide Unit
Inspections Bureau
-Administrative Investigations Division

Klaus P. Reinert (Arrested)
Age: 40
Hire Date: 05/07/2001
Arrested for felony Official Misconduct (FL Statute 838.022); and misdemeanor Battery.

Mark G. Capanna (Arrested)
Age: 44
Hire Date: 05/20/1990
Arrested for felony Official Misconduct.

Casio Burton (Inmate-Victim)
DOB: 08/18/1985
Address: 4101 35th Avenue North, St. Petersburg

Today, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri provided the details of the investigation and charges against two Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office detention deputies for felony Official Misconduct. The investigation revealed that the two falsified official records (jail reports); after one of them punched and inmate without provocation.

The incident occurred on October 3, 2013.

The incident occurred at the Pinellas County Jail.

According to investigators, on October 3, 2013, 40-year-old Deputy Klaus Reinert became engaged in a verbal altercation with inmate Casio Burton which escalated to a physical altercation. Investigators say 28-year-old Casio, who was about to be transferred to the Pasco County Jail to face pending charges, had requested that 44-year-old Deputy Mark Capanna provide him some information regarding his visitation list.

As the inmate stood outside the control room, waiting to be transferred, he raised his hands in the air in an attempt to ask Deputy Capanna, who was inside the control room, if he had checked his visitation list. At this time, detectives say that Deputy Reinert who was also in the control room, exited and used profanity to ask the inmate what he wanted. Following the exchange, Deputy Reinert returned to the control room. The inmate continued to try to get the attention of Deputy Capanna.

Investigators say Deputy Reinert became agitated, came out of the control room once again, and became involved in a verbal argument with the inmate that included profane remarks. The verbal argument escalated to a physical one, when Deputy Reinert punched Burton in the face.

According to investigators, inmate Burton then struck the deputy. Deputy Reinert fell to the ground. Detectives say that when Reinert stood, he continued the physical altercation with Burton. Deputy Capanna then pulled the two apart.

Detectives say neither detention deputy reported the incident or documented the use of force as per policy. Detectives began investigating the matter after several inmates who witnessed the physical altercation reported it to jail staff. An Internal Affairs investigation was launched as well.

Detectives say after the investigation began and the detention deputies were asked about the incident, the two detention deputies fabricated a report in which they stated there was no physical altercation; and that Detention Deputy Reinert had slipped and fallen on wet floor when the inmate approached him in an aggressive manner.

Detectives say Deputy Capanna later admitted he had misrepresented the facts.

Both detention deputies ultimately resigned while under investigation.

As a result of the criminal investigation, the two turned themselves in to the Pinellas County Jail on November 19, 2013. Reinert and Capanna were arrested for Official Misconduct; Reinert was also arrested for battery.

Casio Burton - Inmate

Casio Burton – Inmate

Klaus Reinert

Klaus Reinert

Mark Capanna

Mark Capanna








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