Contactor Info:
Animal Info:
Animal Type:Cat
Pet Other Info:White and black cat. Primarily white with black "helmet"
MainColor:White with black spots
Date Of Found:2/20/2019
Location Of Found:Park Blvd and 43rd St in Regions parking lot
City Of Found:Pinellas Park
Tag / other ID:None
Comments:No microchip information, no collar. Taken to BluePearl Clearwater to check for chip. She's primarily white, with a large black spot on her upper left back, black tail, black left thigh, black spot on left foot, black leg (partial) on right side, and a black mask, extending from her nose to the back of her head. She has a small black spot on her right arm in the back. She has yellow eyes and a small bald spot on the back of her neck and behind her left ear